Monntel West is an 18 year old Lansing kid that was at the mall on Friday waiting for some friends, according to Lansing State Journal, when he spotted the random piano near Campus Den.

Brigid Schlossberg tipped us off on Saturday to a video that was making the rounds after another mall patron recorded West playing the piano and posted it online.  She said the piano was placed in the mall, as well as other places in the Lansing area and in other cities as well, for that very purpose; "for people to share their talent and music with others."  It's part of an initiative called "Keys in the Cities."

On Monday morning, the number of plays the video has racked up is approaching 200,000.

As we learn in the LSJ article, West is self-taught.  He has no formal training and doesn't even have a piano at home, where he lives with his father and brother in Lansing.

"If I did get lessons, I think I could be better," West said.  "Everybody has those hidden talents and hidden abilities. Hopefully this shows people to not be afraid to show them."