A University of Michigan - Flint student has an interesting idea on how he can pay off his student loans. Selling ad space on his graduation cap!

According to the Detroit Free Press, 22-year-old Alex Benda will be graduating in a few months and instead of focusing on finishing up his diploma right now, he's more worried about paying off his $30,000 in student loans. Benda thinks "it's scary to think about going out into this economy and try to find a job and have all this debt I'll have to start paying." He started wondering if he had anything he could sell to help and came up with the idea of selling ad space on his graduation cap, normally used as an expression of thanks, school pride or artwork.

Benda, who is the youngest of six children, applied for scholarships and also worked while in school. He is trying to sell 100 squares on his cap each measuring one-inch by one-inch and as of Monday morning had raised $1,255 so far. He says he aspires to be an entrepreneur and loves "out of the box thinking." For more information in his campaign, click here.

What do you think of Benda's plan?


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