Baseball has always had its fair share of quirky characters and this promising prospect is doing his part to keep that tradition.

Meet Daniel Norris, a modern-day Nuke LaLoosh. The 21-year-old, who hails from Tennessee, is a pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays system considered one of the elite prospects in Major League Baseball. He received a $2 million signing bonus. And, oh yeah, despite the money, he lives in a van, like some national pastime vagabond, living off an amount of money each day that's more miniscule than he hopes his career ERA will be.

Norris, who made his major league debut last September, gave a tour of his 1978 Volkswagen van during Spring Training and explained his unique outlook on life:

Just 'cause money's there doesn't mean that you gotta have nicer things than you used to have, you know?"

This true bohemian eats in the van and cleans dishes in the bathroom, while also doing pullups in a Walmart parking lot before getting kicked out. It's behavior you wouldn't expect from someone whose youth, wealth and age may make him feel entitled.

All we know is Norris is one-of-a-kind and he's rocking the best van in baseball since The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training:

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