2011 was a busy year for news and entertainment and Flint's News Talk gave you some of the best stories around. From the Mayor of Detroit blaming the police for Flint murders, to a tsunami watch in Hawaii and even a naked lady caught by Google Maps. See what stories made our top 10 list.

  • coconino, Flickr
    coconino, Flickr

    Using Axe, Son Forces Mom to Watch Movies With Him

    By Tim Gray

    According to the 60-year-old mother, Tuttle was drunk and began swinging the ax throughout the home, destroying items in the house. She says he also took a swing at her, but she ducked to avoid death-by-axe. He then forced her to keep him company while he watched movies in his bedroom.

  • coconino, Flickr
    coconino, Flickr

    Travis Broyles Will Do Anything; For Money

    By Tim Gray

    Who is Travis Broyles? I don't know, but he sure is willing to do almost anything for money reports NPR.org. Travis posted an ad on Craigslist.org titled 'I DO ANYTHING.' He lost his job, his drivers license and had no money so he got creative. Too bad more people don't have his ambitions.

  • palzeke, Flickr
    palzeke, Flickr

    State Police Investigating Genesee Co. Schools Bomb Threat

    By Jason Cooper

    The Michigan State Police Flint Post is investigating a non-specific bomb threat made to Genesee County Schools at 11:50 a.m. today. The call, received by the Saginaw County 911 dispatch center, advised that five bombs had been placed at unnamed schools.

  • epugachev, Flickr
    epugachev, Flickr

    Tsunami Watch In Hawaii [LIVE VIDEO]

    By Tim Gray

    After a magnitude 8.9 earthquake blasted Japan's northeastern coast; Hawaii and the west coast of the United States were under a tsunami watch. We provided our audience with live coverage from the alerts.

  • My Fox Detroit
    My Fox Detroit

    Flint Police Layoffs Blamed for Area Murders; Says Detroit Mayor [VIDEO]

    By Tim Gray

    In a recent My Fox Detroit report titled “Flint ‘Vehicle City’ Now America’s Murder City,” they stated: “So far, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is not proposing cuts to the police department, but if he is thinking about cutting cops, he should take a look at Flint. They cut the police force there by 25-percent, last year. Since then, the murder rate has spun out of control.”

  • Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
    Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

    Wikileaks Threaten International Relations

    By Tim Gray

    Former President George W. Bush joined Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Palo Alto, CA with thousands following along either in the live audience, or via the internet stream discussing how news stories can hurt the trust of foreign countries when sensitive materials are reported.

  • Joe Corrigan, Getty Images
    Joe Corrigan, Getty Images

    Jesse Ventura Loses Patriotism, Threatens Mexican Citizenship After Lawsuit Is Thrown Out

    By Kathy Landin

    Former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura, said he had lost his patriotism on Friday after a lawsuit he filed against the federal government was dismissed from a district court in St. Paul, MN. In January, Ventura sued the TSA and Department of Homeland Security, claiming that airport scans and pat-downs amounted to unreasonable search and seizure.

  • GR Police
    GR Police

    Grand Rapids Lady Flips Out Over $200 Towing Bill [VIDEO]

    By Tim Gray

    Tiffany Nealous of Grand Rapids went to pay here towing bill after a huge car pile-up on US-131 in Mecosta County. Well here bill was $225, after what she did in the video she is being charged with a bunch of felonies.

  • Thomas Marthinsen, Flickr
    Thomas Marthinsen, Flickr

    Drug Addiction: Suburban Kids Die 'Chasing the Dragon.'

    By Dan Foley

    Fenton High School students will be shown a vivid presentation of the dangers of “chasing the dragon,” a term used to describe the unrelenting hunger of drug addiction.

  • YouTube

    Google Maps Takes Picture of Naked Women in Miami

    By Tim Gray & Jason Cooper

    Have you ever been using Google Maps and wondered how they get all those images of different addresses? You may have seen the Google van driving around your neighborhood or near the place you work — yep, that’s the van taking photo footage of the area.

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