If you're wondering, you're correct - nobody has made it all the way through...yet.

McKamey Manor is located in southern Tennessee, and it's earned the reputation as the "scariest haunted house in the country."

It's owned by Russ McKamey, and admission is simple - bring a bag of dog food for one of his five dogs.

Then again, that's your ticket in. To even make it that far, you have to sign a 40-page waiver, pass a physical, have proof of medical insurance and pass a background check.

One woman said that it was so bad, it "traumatized" her. Participants are filmed on their journey, which can last up to eight hours. And, unlike haunted houses such as Exit 13, there's no safe word.

The next question is...how do I convince the radio station to pay for my trip to Tennessee to try it out?! I'm sure I'd make it to the end! (sarcasm intended)

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