There could be a new roundabout could be coming to a neighborhood by you!

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In a new report by Rowe Professional Services, commissioned by Genesee County, there are several areas in the county that could end up becoming roundabouts. To be exact, 14 particular intersections.

According to the study that compiles the full report, there are 14 candidates in areas from Flint City to Davison, and pretty much everywhere in-between being considered. Although the study is simply a reference and consideration report, it is not a definite.

Per Mlive, the county Board of Commissioners paid $315,600 for the study. They primarily paid for it with federal funds, and they are  expected to receive the roundabout report in a committee meeting Wednesday, October 20.

The following intersections were studied and submitted in the Rowe report:

  • Beecher and Elms roads in Flint Township
  • Belsay and East Bristol roads in Burton
  • Carpenter and Elms roads in Mt. Morris Township
  • Clio Road/Welch Boulevard and West Dayton Street in Flint
  • Coutant Street and Elms Road in Mt. Morris Township
  • Davison and North Oak roads in Davison Township
  • Elms and Miller roads in Swartz Creek
  • Lapeer and South Genesee roads in Burton
  • Lennon and Elms roads in Flint Township
  • Lennon and Morrish roads in Clayton Township
  • North Leroy Street and North Road in Fenton
  • Robert T. Longway Boulevard and Walnut Street in Flint
  • University and North Chevrolet avenues in Flint
  • West Court Street and South Dye roads in Flint Township

Now, personally I am not a fan of the ole' roundabout, and I especially hate the construction hassles that come along with making them a reality. Still, within the report there is reference to the high volumes of accidents in several of the intersections, and the roundabouts could potentially keep things "moving along" more than a four way stop would.

The study started with some 3600 intersections and the detailed examination was able to narrow it down to the 14 candidates. Now, it will be up to the communities themselves to take the next steps in deciding whether or not to apply for funding to make the suggested changes a reality.

You can read the full report here.

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