Why go to a professional one when you can have your own, right in your backyard?

Okay, I retract my statement - the professional haunted houses in Michigan are pretty amazing. I mean, have you been to Rotten Manor or Exit 13? They're INCREDIBLE. However, this year, because of COVID, the actors can't touch you. So, if you're looking to go full-contact haunt, you may have to set up your own.

Enter Facebook marketplace, where you can find something for your every desire in life, including a DIY haunted house.

I was perusing the Flint BUY SELL TRADE Facebook page the other day and stumbled upon this - a blow-up haunted house for your backyard.

Now, here's the caveat - it's not cheap. The price tag is a whopping $3,000. However, I did some real estate digging and the cheapest foreclosed house in Flint is $15,000 so it's not gonna save you any money to buy an actual abandoned house.

The possibilities are endless with this thing. That is if you've got $3K to burn; don't forget, you'll also need costumes, masks, fake blood, and oh yeah - you'd have to pay actors, too. And unless you've got the lung capacity of a great blue whale, you'll need an air pump.

It's cool, but I think I'll stick with the pros on this one. See you at Rotten Manor and Exit 13.

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