Sometimes I wonder about our legislators, how much work do they actually do? It seems like they argue and waste time on partisan issues but don’t really get a lot done for the people of our state. Republicans and Democrats are always at odds with each other. If we could all just get along and work together, maybe some good things will happen. How often do lawmakers actually make new laws? Certainly not as much as they used to, with all of the political infighting, I’m amazed they get anything done.

And when do they take the time to review laws that are still on the books from decades ago? Did you know we still have many laws that can still be enforced, whether they make sense in our day and age or not. Times have changed and people have changed, but there are several laws that just don’t belong today. As the old saying goes, we’ve come a long way Baby! Hopefully at some point in time they will eliminate or correct some of these outdated laws.

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Now I’m ready to take you through a quick little trip of the laws on our books today that don’t really apply anymore. Some of these laws are just downright hilarious when looking at them with today's mindset. But in their day, I’m sure they were important to some people. But not today! So here we go, a quick trip through the Dumbest Laws in Michigan.

Dumbest Laws In Michigan

Michigan still has some of the dumbest laws on the books

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