This is not a re-hashing of the Clinton presidency however, the re-phrasing of Mrs. Clinton’s words describe the political tactics of her party. While she or her husband did not invent the practice, it was their application of it, and the benefit they enjoyed from it, which prove it is their party’s method of campaigning and governing. Regardless of the candidate, the evidence is abundant.

Each election cycle, all candidates across the political spectrum, vie to ‘get one up’ on their opponent(s) in order to win. The campaign materials are designed to capture the attention and support of the voter. Speeches are written and given to stimulate passions and promote loyalty to the beliefs of not only the individual candidate, but to the party as well.

Over time as the citizens have become painfully reliant on government for most things in life, the politicians have become contemptibly willing to offer, and supply in some cases, those wants. Though woefully inept at making good the promises, the leftist politician will campaign on the ability to heal all wounds, solve every dilemma and erase the evils of days gone by. But in order to win and become the magnanimous guardian of good, the leftist must expose the unscrupulous nature of his opponent. To ensure the beneficence of government, the scurrilous and intolerable policies of the opposing party must never be put into effect.

The collusion becomes evident with the phraseology used to describe any attempt to return control to states and localities, of how and where one’s child is educated. To allow a parent to opt out of the public school system and have the funds transferred to a private school, is viewed as “denying the children of America the right to be educated by destroying public education” How can that statement be true when the very candidate making it is running on “fixing education so our children can compete”? Any opponent to the democrat candidate is viciously attacked at the mere mention of lower tax rates. The first salvo is “the lower rates are only for the rich among us”, and next is “my opponent wants to deny our most vulnerable citizen the assistance and benefits to which they are entitled”.

Discussions of any reduction to, or elimination of a government program is such an offensive notion that words such as “deal breaker, non-starter, will veto if it reaches my desk”, roll off the tongue as easy as ice flows downhill on an oiled slope. Any change made to any program should” increase its budget and scope of operation”, says the leftist candidate. The operative words in this instance is “to strengthen or save, program x”.

The totality of the leftist’s mission can be summed up in one word; compassion. You are to believe is the kind-hearted politician,(the democrat), who has you and your family’s well-being at the fore of his campaign. You can tell this by the words and tone of the rhetoric used to describe the opponent. A successful business person is “greedy”, a frugal citizen “needs to pay a fair share”, insuring the nation is secure in its sovereignty is “warmongering”, and to draw distinctions between natural law and man-made law is “intolerant, insensitive and displays contempt for other human beings”. The picture of a barbaric citizenry with every man for himself is the mural painted by the left. Only their government can save us from the evils of capitalism.

So is there a grandiose scheme being thrust upon us?  All one must do is compare the words of one democrat to those of another, even those who are not from the same geographical area, during any election cycle as well as after being elected, whether it be local, statewide or national, then look at the words used to describe his or her opponent in the areas of taxes, education school choice, national defense or any number of social issues. The only distinction you’ll be able to make, is that of the gender of the speaker, none with regard to substance. A simple coincidence or a malicious conspiracy, in either case its vastness is without question.