'The Office's' May 16 series finale may put the entire Dunder-Mifflin crew out of work, but at least one star of the long-running NBC comedy won't be out of a job for too long. In addition to taking the lead in NBC's upcoming pilot 'Brenda Forever,' 'The Office' funnygirl Ellie Kemper has signed on to lend her voice for a role in 'American Dad's' next season on FOX, but who will Kemper be tempting this time around?

With any luck, 'The Office's Ellie Kemper will remain on TV after the 'Office' finale this May, if NBC's 'Brenda Forever' pilot goes to series. If nothing else, however, we'll at least be able to hear Kemper in a new role on FOX's Seth MacFarlane-helmed 'American Dad.

TVLine reports that Kemper will lend her voice to the series' ninth season as Jenna, a popular girl Steve Smith (Scott Grimes) has secretly been in love with since kindergarten. Sadly, the character remains too obsessed with her skeevy boyfriend to notice just how much Steve cares about her.

Kemper isn't the only one making plans for her post-'Office' future, as Rainn Wilson has signed for the title role in CBS' 'Backstrom,' while Craig Robinson has his own pilot at NBC to consider.

What say you? Are you sad to see 'The Office' cast going their separate ways? Will you listen in for Ellie Kemper on 'American Dad' season 9?

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