We may want to drop the 'Motor City Madman' moniker when referring to Michigan native Ted Nugent. The rocker who now calls Texas his home says Michigan -- and a handful of other states -- no longer qualify as American.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham Nugent opined:  "You know Laura, Michigan was the arsenal of democracy. It was the epicenter of work ethic and pride of productivity when I was born in '48. But unfortunately it's turned into a suburb of San Francisco now politically and it just breaks my heart."

Nugent blasted California, Oregon, Illinois, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusettes, and Michigan, saying, "politically those states don't even qualify as America anymore."

Nugent has become well-known for his support of President Donald Trump and blasted Michigan after the 2018 election in which two Democrats were elected to House seats, saying, "Real God country family Michiganiacs are heartbroke that more of us want the once great state of Michigan to turn into a California s***hole."

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