Trick or Treat

Expect Increased Police Presence This Halloween Weekend
Halloween weekend has a history of bad things happening especially on "Devils' Night" and the Flint Police Department is responding by having an increased presence with the help of their new helicopter. This should shape up to be a very different weekend this year...
Fargo Woman to Give Letters in Lieu of Candy to Obese Trick-Or-Treaters
This year, some children in Fargo, North Dakota may get a bigger trick than treat when hitting the streets for trick-or-treating. That's because a woman in the city has decided to take a stand against childhood obesity, which on its face it's a noble effort. However, the method in which she is doing it is turning heads.
Kids Are More Likely to Get Hit by Cars on Halloween, Says Study
Kids always look forward to trick-or-treating on Halloween, but a new study from the Centers for Disease and Prevention may give some parents pause. The CDC reports children are four times more likely to be hit by cars on October 31 than on any other day of the year — probably not terribly surprising, given the increase in the number of kids who are out and about on Halloween.