I Pledge Not To Kneel In China
The 2017 PAC-12 basketball game between UCLA and Georgia Tech in Shanghai, China, yielded a little more than points on the scoreboard. November 6 2017, Chinese authorities arrested three UCLA basketball players. Jalen Hill, LiAngelo Ball, and Cody Riley were detained and accused of shoplifting durin…
Thursday On The Tom Sumner Program
Politics, sports, comedy, music and more with scheduled guests Mark Brewer (MI Dem Party Chair), Sportscaster Tom Skinner, Alexander J's comedy head-liner Claude Stuart (pictured) and Resource Music Executive Jon Norton on The Tom Sumner Program Thursday January 10 beginning at 3 p...
Lions, The Best Worst
As Detroit Lions Fans we all stand behind the team and say, “this will be the year”. It’s always the year, the year of losing. We’ll at lease we can say the Lions are good at something.