Ahead of the Detroit Lions game on Sunday, fans are lost in the "bliss" of a team that hasn't ever made it this far, post-season.

And there's good reason for that -- it's exciting. Like an adrenaline rush to watch. Emotional to think of all the games people have shared with their family, friends, strangers in bars, etc.

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But let us not forget how the team is "paying back" for your lifelong support while they were mostly winless.

Detroit Lions are jacking up prices.

That history we'd prefer not to remember started with this guy (below). Remember him?

Detroit Lions 2008 Headshots
Former Detroit Lions President & CEO 2001-2008, Matt Millen. Getty Images

Former Detroit Lions' President & CEO, Matt Millen, sure brings back memories. He presided over eight of the team's worst seasons, like 2008 when they went 0-16.

That was the team's worst performance since moving to Detroit in 1934.

Denver Broncos v Detroit Lions
Getty Images

That depressing history made us wonder why the team is "thanking" its fans the way it has chosen, now. We're not saying they can't charge what they want.

It's America, do you. Teams do it all the time... but this?

Denver Broncos v Detroit Lions
Getty Images

But take a look at these 2024 increases The Detroit News reports and remember season ticket fan support...er, tolerance, all those years.

  • Upper Deck +80% (from previous season)
  • Lower Bowl +69%
  • Club Level +59%

The price of individual fan tickets, which by most of Ford Field's 65,000 seats are filled, will go up, too.

WFNT logo
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According to MLive, some sections won't see an increase.

Credit: Getty Images, Canva
Jared Goff didn't play in that history, but surely, he remembers it.  Credit: Getty Images, Canva

The Lions know fans won't be happy paying more.

Even die-hard, skeptical fans are happy the team is winning games.

Perhaps their current President, Rod Wood (below), is aware of that and has decided the increase doesn't need explanation?

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions' Team President Rod Wood. Credit: Getty Images

Maybe that's the reason the increase notice didn't come with a letter, from him, as it has during the rest of his tenure?

Fan Reaction

Reddit users have been commiserating over sticker shock, too.

Season ticket prices for 2024
byu/angelfieryrain indetroitlions

We're not trying to jinx the lions before the game. We're still excited "this could be the year."

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