Woman Arrested For Trying To Throw Drug-Filled Footballs Into Prison
It’s September, which means the nation is starting to go football crazy. Ohio woman Janine Fulton recently took football insanity to a new level when she filled a couple official size Wilson balls with pills, marijuana, cigarettes, cell phones, and cell phone chargers and tried to toss them into the Richland Correctional Institution in Mansfield, OH.
Arizona Now Charges People $25 to Visit Prison Inmates
New legislation in Arizona allows the state’s Department of Corrections to impose a one-time “background check fee” of $25 on adults wishing to visit inmates at any of its 15 facilities. Needless to say, families and prisoner advocacy groups are not happy, citing the existing costs of traveling to visit loved ones housed in prisons that are often located in remote areas.
Inmates’ Coloring Books Painted With Drugs [VIDEO]
Three inmates at the Cape May County Correctional Center in New Jersey wanted their drugs so badly, they used a children's coloring book to sneak them into their prison cells. We hate to give criminals so much credit, but the whole process was undeniably ingenious. With the help of two civilians, the inmates painted numerous coloring books with what looked to be water color, but was actually a liq