All of you mother loving, corn shucking sons of biscuits out there who want to keep their jobs, you might want to stop swearing at work.

New research suggests that 64 percent of employers think less of workers who use curse words at work and 57 percent even said that they would be less likely to give a promotion to someone who freely throws F-bombs around the workplace — even if they are a good worker.

The consensus between business owners and upper management seems to be that an employee’s professionalism, control, maturity and intelligence are often in question when that type of language is used around the office.

However, while one would think that most adults know how to conduct themselves in the workplace, 51 percent report that they are guilty of cursing in the office, with almost half of them claiming to do it front of management and nearly all of them in front of co-workers.

The good news is that most employees did report getting rid of their potty mouths before dealing with clients.

Still, the company swear jar is filling up, and even though men appear to be worse about it than women, with nearly 55 percent reporting use of bad language on the job, women aren’t much better, with 47 percent admitting to talking like a sailor.

Strangely, it is the older demographic, those between 35 and 44, that are responsible for the majority of job site swear sessions, followed by those between the ages of 45 and 54.

It is worth mentioning that even though inappropriate language is common place in almost every work environment, perhaps the American worker is being lead by a poor example – one in four employers reported cussing at co-workers.

Top Cities for Swearing

1. Washington, DC – 62 percent

2. Denver – 60 percent

3. Chicago – 58 percent

4. (tie) Los Angeles – 56 percent

4. (tie) Boston – 56 percent

6. Atlanta – 54 percent

7. Minneapolis – 50 percent

8. Phoenix – 47 percent

9. New York – 46 percent

10. Philadelphia – 44 percent

Percentage of people who swear at work by age

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