Six months after Secretary of State Ruth Johnson launched her new campaign to sign up more organ donors, including a new policy directing branch office employees to ask customers if they would like to join the state's organ donor registry, the number of sign-ups is soaring.

There have been 220, 201 new organ donor registrations since April 20, the day after Johnson directed the change. That represents an increase of 28% over the same period last year, when there were 171,764 sign-ups. Johnson said they "are encouraged by these improving numbers, which will save lives."

More then 2.3 million residents are on the state's organ donor registry, according to Gift of Life Michigan, but Michigan still ranks 44th nationally in organ donor registrations, so there is more work to be done, Johnson said. Each organ donor can save up to eight lives.

Anyone can join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry by visiting or any Secretary of State branch office. Those who sign up receive a heart logo sticker to place on their driver's license that indicates their wish to be an organ donor. A new card with a permanent heart emblem is issued at renewal time.

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