You're not gonna believe how much they spent on these.

The State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has removed several anti-marijuana ads from their YouTube channel after a big backlash.

The ads, which are directed towards teens, talk about the dangers of using marijuana at a young age and insinuate that pot users will have "you will have no friends, no money, no career."

Opponents are saying that this isn't the message that should be relayed to youth; members of the cannabis community said that they would rather see the ads about conversations between parents and kids and personal responsibility.

The commercials were paid for by a $300,000 federal grant.

On a personal note, I can't believe that they'd spend this much money on something so stupid. There's gotta be a better use for it.

I agree with the idea of airing ads that promote parental and personal responsibility. There's a way to do it and be successful, and this is NOT IT.

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