...but even the Michigan police are saying that it probably won't change anything.

A lot of people (present company included) were excited about this New Year in particular because recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan. In short, you can now buy pot in the mitt as easily as you can buy a beer - simply walk into a licensed dispensary and present a valid that indicates you're of legal age.

Of course, there are a million questions about this, including how police will be able to enforce driving under the influence of marijuana. And yes, there are several companies touting that they're in the process of creating breathalyzers that can detect whether or not a person has imbibed.

The short answer is this: DON'T DRIVE HIGH. Or drunk. Or under the influence of ANYTHING. Ever.

The long answer is this: while the breathalyzers will be able to detect marijuana use, there's no level set yet as to how much pot is TOO much to drive. Alcohol is .08%. Also, experts say that a blood test is still the "gold standard" for drugs.

So, ya know, don't drive under the influence of anything. Ever. End of story.

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