We are all very familiar by now with the fact that local bars and restaurants continue to be closed at least one day a week (if not more) and in some cases are still closed on weekends.

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The reason? Lack of staff. Many establishments want to make sure the employees they do have enjoy some well deserved time off. There seems to be no end in sight to signs that read 'Please be patient, we are short staffed'. If people do not want to work in the service industry, what are bar and restaurant owners supposed to do? Hire robots? Actually yes, some have.

How about creating a way where patrons could help themselves to the bar? The answer is twofold - yes and no. Customers will definitely not be allowed to go behind a Michigan bar and mix their own drink or grab a beer, but yes - guests may soon be able to use a self serve beer, wine, and mixed drink dispenser in the Great Lakes State.

According to ABC 12, the Michigan House did approve use of such machines. Yes, you read that right. Of course, with anything this potential boozy vending machine will be regulated. Do not get it twisted - this is not all you can drink for a dollar. Alcohol will be dispersed in limited quantities.

Shot lovers (like me) - heads up, no shot of liquor will be distributed. This is the breakdown,

  • 16 oz beer
  • 12 oz wine
  • Mixed drinks up to 32 oz

Have you ever been cut off by a bartender or server at a bar or restaurant? This alcohol robot can cut you off too! Each purchase is tracked by a personal card or wristband, which also verifies that you are of legal drinking age. Could these cards or wristbands fall into the wrong hands? Hopefully not.

Does this machine sound to good to be true? Maybe - but these types of machines are used in other states. The next step is the bill being passed by the Michigan Senate. Stand by for further robot booze instructions.

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