In the immortal words of Phil Collins -- I've been waiting for this moment for all my life.

For years, your options have been eat responsibly, exercise a lot, be blessed with a great metabolism (which I realize is more of a scenario than an option, but still), or eat what you want and carry some extra weight. Clearly, I'm one of those who opted for the latter. I love food and I'm not great with moderation or self-control. Luckily, science is saying that they might have found an answer for fatsos like me.

According to IFL Science, scientists at the University of Texas Medical Center and Flinders University in Australia have discovered how to prevent you from gaining weight. It's described almost like there's an option in your body's settings menu that says "Weight Gain" that they've figured out how to toggle on and off. If only it were so easy... well, it actually might be.

The scientists discovered that if they disabled the RCAN1 gene in mice, that they would not gain weight, regardless of their diet. Essentially, doing so supercharges the metabolism allowing them to burn more calories than would be possible otherwise, even while resting.

The scientists already have drugs that can target the gene and are ready to dive into human trials, which is pretty exciting. Hopefully, it works out and someday soon we'll be able to reach our target weight without sacrificing the foods we love. Then again, it could have some weird reaction in humans that creates an insatiable hunger that leads to the zombie apocalypse. Either way -- it's gonna be f***ing rad.

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