Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed bills on Monday that will help boost the state's booming craft beer industry and another that will help ensure residents will continue to have access to high-quality home phone service.

The nine-bill package for craft beers will double the amount of beer microbrewers may produce from 30,000 barrels per year to 60,000. It also allows brewpub owners to now have interest in five other pubs, up from the previous two. Additionally, microbrewers that produce less than 1,000 barrels of beer per year will now be able to distribute their product directly to retailers under certain conditions.

When signing the legislation Snyder said "Michigan-made beer is award winning and world renowned. We have the fifth-largest number of microbreweries and brewpubs in the nation, and this legislation will empower our great craft beer industry to keep growing." According to the Michigan Brewers Guild, the state's brewing industry contributes more than $133 million to the economy and more than $24 million in wages.

Snyder also signed a Senate bill that will increase consumer protection and ensure that every Michigan resident continues to have access to home phone service. The bill modifies the process telephone providers must go through in order to transition traditional landline phones to new technologies while ensuring consumers will continue to have access to reliable home phone service, 911 and emergency services.

Visit legislature.michigan.gov for more information on these bills and others