The posted speed limit isn't always the law of the land when it comes to ever-changing weather conditions in Michigan.

We know snow and ice can slow down Winter traffic, but did you know you can get a ticket for driving the speed limit? Failure to take weather conditions into consideration is a violation of Michigan's Basic Speed Law:

Michigan's Basic Speed Law requires motorists to drive at a "careful and prudent" speed in all driving conditions to be able to stop within the clear distance ahead. It may require driving slower than the posted speed limit.


So, even though you may be driving the posted speed, you could be cited for speeding, a civil infraction carrying a fine of up to $100. Even 4-wheel drive will not get you off if the charge is upgraded to reckless driving- a misdemeanor with fines as high as $500 and possible (though unlikely) jail time.

TL;DR- slow down and drive only as fast as conditions allow.

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