And I couldn't be more excited - here's why I love Pete.

I know that I'm in the minority here; it's very clear that most people don't think Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson is funny. So, allow me to defend myself here.

Pete's young, raw and unfiltered. He has the perfect comic history of family trauma and tragedy; I think that the best comedians have the most tragedy in their past.

In case you didn't know, Pete's dad died on 9/11. He was a New York City firefighter. Pete often makes jokes about this; he was only seven at the time, so it's clearly a coping mechanism for him.

He's brash and speaks truth to power, whether in his standup performances or on SNL. I like how he's open about his mental health and addiction struggles and how he lives with his mom. And that's why I'm excited that he's coming to Michigan.

He'll be at Royal Oak Music Theatre on Friday, November 29th. Tickets are $45 a piece and go on sale this Friday at 10 AM.

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