Earlier this week sad news broke that 'SNL' vet Bill Hader would depart the series after Saturday's upcoming finale with Ben Affleck and Kanye West, potentially taking fellow veterans Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen with him. Whoever goes, Ben Affleck's upcoming introduction into the five-timer's club looks to continue the streak from Kristen Wiig, so check out the first promos inside!

'SNL's' 38th season will draw to a close this Saturday with Ben Affleck returning for his fifth hosting gig, accompanied by controversial rapper Kanye West. We've no doubt that ol' Ben will bring the laughs for the finale, and continue the good will brought by the returning Kristen Wiig, but we'll be sad to see Bill Hader depart the series after eight long years.

Hader joins Affleck in the first round of promos for Affleck's season finale hosting gig, mostly riffing on Affleck's multiple movie roles, with Kanye West thankfully nowhere to be found. The promos don't go as crazy as we've come to expect, so can we expect any surprises from Affleck's upcoming 'SNL' installment? Surely Matt Damon will pop up for Affleck's induction into the five-timers club, no?

Check out the promos for 'SNL's' Ben Affleck-hosted season finale this weekend below, and give us your remembrances of Bill Hader in the comments!

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