When was the last time you called someone a lifelong friend, but secretly engaged with the adversary of  that friend, resulting in the destruction of the friendship? When did you decide that it is not important to understand the value of education, and the common sense application thereof? Why do you feel it necessary, and insist that others are responsible for your basic needs; those being food, clothing and shelter?

It is not sensible that an enduring society should have at its very foundation, one uniting element is it? (A common language would be a great start). A fundamental set of laws to govern and maintain order within the citizenry is not required, because man’s nature will inherently remain just, while his power increases – right? Any benefit you acquire as you labor to live must be shared by those who fail to toil with diligence because fair is fair, o.k.?

Each of those questions are of course rhetorical on purpose. To answer in the affirmative would be to deny the wisdom of the founders which was absolutely on display as The United States was formulated. This nation was not put together on a whim, or with a wink and a nod, but with deliberative thought and foresight. The signatures on The Constitution denote the actions of those men and their families, after living in a society with the aforementioned scenarios enacted. The continued success of America will rely on the cornerstone of their wisdom remaining intact. Some, however, refer to those documents as ‘old, tired and outdated’, while seeking fundamental changes to their structure.

Individual resistance to this transformation is required first, then, as a population focused on overall national victory. We must again familiarize ourselves with America’s true history, then, seek the same – insight with understanding – exhibited by the founders. Once this goal is achieved You, can smile.