The sinking of the RMS Titanic reached its 100th anniversary and one ship has dared to re-create its route.

But, like the maiden voyage of the ill-fated ship, things haven’t gone smoothly.

The MS Balmoral left Southampton, England on Sunday, the same port that the Titanic left on its final journey more than 100 years ago. The ship was filled with appropriately dressed history buffs and relatives of those who were on the original ship.

The $9,000 per person cruise will attempt to replicate the ride, from the route to the exact spot where the famed ship sank to the menu offered passengers. Those embarking on the cruise will eat the exact same meals that the original passengers ate on the actual Titanic.

And believe it or not, this cruise has also suffered from some complications. It seems that the journey has been delayed due to illness. The Balmoral had to turn around after leaving the Irish town of Cobh due to an illness suffered by someone onboard. The ship will return closer to the shore so the patient can be airlifted for treatment and will resume its journey, albeit a bit behind schedule.

At least it’s not for an iceberg.



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