An error by the city clerk almost resulted in a mayoral election that would be completely decided by write-in vote. Fearful that a pig named Giggles would be the new mayor of Flint, the Michigan Senate voted to extend the filing deadline today.

The Senate voted of 34-2 in favor of extending the filing deadline for mayoral candidates to turn in the signatures needed to get them on the ballot. Now the measure will go to the House for a vote, where it is also likely to pass.

Flint Clerk Inez Brown mistakenly informed the candidates of the wrong deadline and no one -- except for Eric Mays -- had their signatures filed in time. In typical Mays fashion, some of his signatures were invalid and he would've been left off the ballot as well. It's sort of like that time he showed up at the last moment possible to enter the race for congress, thinking it only required a $100 buy-in.

So fear not, Flint residents. All the candidates, some of whom you wouldn't trust to run the night shift at a Dairy Queen, will likely get on the ballot for mayor of the newly-debt-free City of Flint. At this point, we're seriously considering collecting signatures to make the official song of the election Westside Connection' s 'The Gangsta, The Killa and The Dope Dealer.'


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