Meteorologists have one of the coolest jobs around. Think about it-- they can totally get away with taking on weather 'Gangnam Style' and no one bats an eyelash over it. Al Roker can also do a weird mannequin impression mid-broadcast, and it's completely acceptable. (Although that was really, really strange...) That's why we're not surprised that one of actress Scarlett Johansson's dreams is to read the weather in classic Roker style.

Johansson visited 'Today' this morning to chat about her role in the new film 'Hitchcock.' It just so happened that Al Roker was coming down with laryngitis, and the lucky starlet was asked to fill in for the weather dude.

The actress did an awesome dramatic reading of the country's forecast, even adding in a few hand motions to show us where Pennsylvania is. (Note: it's not near California, but we'll let it slide.) You go Scar Jo!

Check out Black Widow's weather girl debut below and let us know how she did.

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