The Detroit Pistons have called The Palace of Auburn Hills home for quite a while, but it looks like they may be moving back into downtown Detroit.

There has been plenty of support from fans to move the Pistons back into Detroit, but it just never seemed like a real possibility.  Everyone knew that the Red Wings were already getting a new arena, but there are rumors that they won't be the only pro team playing there.

WDIV is reporting that a deal is very close that would move the Detroit Pistons into the new Little Caesars Arena, that is currently being built for the Red Wings.  The report says that there are a few suspicious changes being made during construction,

The construction company was ordered to make changes in the blueprint, including additional locker room space, and some ground floor seating.

If the rumors are true, all four pro sports teams in Detroit would be within four blocks of each other.  Anyone that has tried to park in Detroit when there is more than one event going on, knows that this is a blessing and a curse.

Do you think it would be a good thing for the Pistons to move downtown?