When it comes to Christmas spending, Flint ranks last compared to other cities throughout the state of Michigan.

Ther personal finance website WalletHub ranked 570 US cities by how much consumers spend on the holidays. Only 16 Michigan cities made the list, with Flint residents estimated to spend an average of $443 on the big day. By comparison, folks in Rochester Hills spend about $2,059.

Of course, WalletHub's ranking only included US cities that met certain population requirements, so smaller towns and cities -- including those in the Flint area -- were not included.

Nationally, residents of Palo Alto, California are the country's most extravagant spenders, dropping $3,160 on the big day. A handful of cities, including several in Ohio, spend less than those in the Vehicle City. Providence, Rhode Island comes in last, with its residents spending just $111.

Overall, consumers are expected to spend about 4% more on Christmas gifts this year than we did last year.

Here's what residents of these major Michigan cities are estimated to spend on the holidays this year:

  1. Rochester Hills, $2,059
  2. Troy, $2,039
  3. Livonia, $1,666
  4. Farmington Hills, $1,476
  5. Ann Arbor, $1,210
  6. Sterling Heights, $1,074
  7. Dearborn, $997
  8. Southfield, $941
  9. Warren, $918
  10. Westland, $834
  11. Grand Rapids, $619
  12. Wyoming, $617
  13. Detroit, $524
  14. Kalamazoo, $499
  15. Lansing, $455
  16. Flint, $443



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