Students are heading back to school in Genesee County, and that means school buses are back on the road.

Nothing infuriates me more than seeing some idiot fly by a school bus with its lights on. I understand that we've had a few months without buses on the roads, but that's no excuse. Most people that fly by a bus are doing it because they're "in a hurry."

I don't care where you have to be or when you have to be there, nothing is worth causing an accident involving kids or a school bus. Unfortunately people continue to drive like idiots around buses. The Michigan State Police say that roughly 10 Million drivers illegally pass a parked school bus every year.

Luckily Michigan does not play around when it comes to punishing people that violate traffic laws around school buses. Fines can get up to $500, and all come with community service time. Check out the video below from the MSP, and remember to give a bus extra room this season.

Here is a complete list of laws when it comes to driving near a school bus.


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