President Joe Biden found out first hand just how fast a 2022 Electric Ford F150 can go.  He also found out how a bad joke can go over like a lead balloon.

The President had a pit stop in Dearborn, Michigan Tuesday.  The purpose of this visit was the check out and hype up this new electric truck.  President Biden's quote after flying through the driving course was "This sucker's quick."  He's not kidding.  0-60 MPH in just over 4 seconds.  Why does President Biden care about this engineering marvel?  Converting a gas guzzler into an electric vehicle without sacrificing power and speed helps promote the President's infrastructure proposal,

The President is proposing a total increase of $115 billion to modernize the bridges, highways, roads, and main streets that are in most critical need of repair. This includes funding to improve air quality, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce congestion.

Honestly, a large electric pick-up truck that has the speed, power and style of it's gas wasting predecessor is a game changer.  When a reporter asked if he would buy a truck like this, he answered with an enthusiastic, "YES."  This truck looks like it'll be worth the wait.  But we will have to wait a little while according to TMZ,

The new F-150 Lightning will reportedly be faster than the original F-150, and it's expected to go on sale by mid-2022.

You can see a video of the moment from C-Span below.

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When a reporter asked if they could ask a question about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, the President responded,  "No, you can't, not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it. I'm only teasing."  A couple people laughed.  But to say the joke bombed would be an understatement.


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