During a campaign stop in Flint, Democratic hopeful Joe Biden recognized the enormity of the Flint Water Crisis and the toll it has taken on its citizens.

"This is a city that has endured a heck of a lot of pain in the last few years," Biden said during his speech at the Berston Field House. "The name 'Flint' has become shorthand for the incredible division that still exists in this country based on zip code."

Biden says he hopes young voters will get out and vote, noting that Michigan could very well be key when it comes to this presidential election.

"My message is, you can own it. You can own this election. We need you. We gotta deal with comate change. We gotta deal with education. We gotta deal with the whole notion of decency in American politics." Biden said as he spoke with a reporter from WDIV. "Michigan is an important contest, not just from the Democratic primary, because the outcome of Michigan in November may determine who the next President of the United States is going to be."

See more videos from Joe Biden's visit to Flint here.

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