After several months of heavy speculation, it was announced today that the Pistons will join the Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings in Downtown Detroit.

The Palace of Auburn Hills, opened in 1988, is the largest indoor arena in the United States by capacity, and one of just two NBA arenas that has not sold naming rights to a corporate sponsor -- the other being Madison Square Garden. The Palace is "widely considered to be the first of the modern-style NBA arenas," which, by today's high standards, just means that it's outdated. Also, it's over 30 miles away from the city on its teams' jerseys.

After years of revitalization efforts in Downtown Detroit, the area has become quite attractive for sports fans. The currently under-construction Little Caesar's Arena has sparked even more excitement about the area, as has the just confirmed move that will see the Detroit Pistons share that roof with the Detroit Red Wings.

Earlier today, it was announced in a press conference that the Downtown Development Authority will refinance bonds to pay for the $34.5 million needed to modify the arena for the Pistons use. They also plan to build a separate practice facility for the Pistons, who will begin playing in Downtown in 2017.

While the fate of The Palace of Auburn Hills remains uncertain, the high demand of the area have many speculating that it will be razed and redeveloped. It was a good run while it lasted, but don't be sad. We'll always have the "Malice at the Palace."

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