Cheers to poolside bars in Michigan!

Okay, we probably shouldn't celebrate just yet. However, we are getting closer to this actually becoming reality.

According to ABC 12, Michigan could become the 25th state to allow swim-up bars that serve alcohol poolside after a Michigan Senate committee approved House Bills 5983 and 5984, which would allow poolside bars.

There's nothing better than going on vacation and staying at a resort that has a swim-up bar. You can spend the entire day in the pool without ever having to get out. Well, except to relieve yourself from time to time.

I've always wondered why hotels in Michigan never had swim-up bars. I just thought it had something to do with not wanting to spend money on something that couldn't be used year-round. I had no idea it was because swim-up bars were illegal in the state.

Association president and CEO Justin Winslow:

Attracting visitors to Pure Michigan and providing flexibility for our hotel operators to offer unique experiences for guests has never been more important as the hospitality industry’s landscape continues to shift. This legislation does just that.

Under the proposed legislation, swim-up bars would have to serve drinks in non-breakable containers, provide lifeguards, and enhance pool filtration.

We just need approval from the full Michigan Senate and then it would go off to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer who would hopefully sign it into law. If gets that far, I feel confident that she would. I mean, the state will only benefit from this.

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