A small plane made an emergency landing on M-37 north of Grand Rapids yesterday (3/7) after its engine died.

The plane was piloted by a student and an experienced flight instructor who both survived the incident.

Steven Chanter tells WOOD-TV that he and his student were practicing some maneuvers when he noticed the oil pressure had dropped to zero.

"It made some noises, it ran really rough and then it quit," he told the TV station.

Chanter says his student immediately relinquished control of the aircraft.

"As soon as the engine stopped he said to me, 'OK, it's your plane to fly,'" Chanter said.

Chanter says he had to guide the plane carefully to avoid power lines, traffic signs, and vehicles. Fortunately, there was only one car in the immediate area and no one was injured in the ordeal.

"Truly God's watching over us today that we had a clear intersection."

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