Pizza Hut has been on our semi grossed-out minds a lot recently, what with their new Kit Kat Pops and Cone Crust Pizza, among other heart attack-inducing creations. But to our surprise, the big cheeses over at the pizza chain have redeemed themselves in our books.

On October 16th, another presidential debate will take place at Hofstra University, which will follow a town hall format. Those question and answer sessions are cool and all, but let’s face it-- that stuff can get pretty boring, really fast. That’s where Pizza Hut decided to step in.

The “long overdue formation” of a genius political party has finally come into fruition, thanks to the popular chain. Basically, between all the hoopla of Republican and Democrat and everything in between, Pizza Hut has created a less serious, yet still pertinent political affiliation-- “The Pizza Party." It’s about time someone’s campaign platform was extra greasy food and even happier stomachs!

This new group is trying to make itself known at the Hofstra University debate in a pretty straightforward way: Pizza Hut is challenging attendees to ask the candidates the super important question, “Sausage or Pepperoni?” The first person to do so wins free pizza for life. Now that’s our kind of debate!

Want to become a member of The Pizza Party (you’d be a fool not to)? Just register your cheesy pie-lovin’ self on their website.

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