They're hoping that it will bring in over $10,000.

Royal Oak resident Ashley Moritz found a small piece of the meteorite that lit up the skies over Michigan last month on a frozen lake in Livingston County. The chondritic meteorite, is covered with a black fusion crust with small holes where you can see the interior of the specimen.

Several pieces found by scientists are being studied by NASA, but for residents who found pieces on their own, they're going a different route - Moritz is having her piece auctioned off by the infamous Christie's.

They're also auctioning off pieces of the moon, other meteorites and gemstones during the series, called Deep Impact: Martian, Lunar and Other Rare Meteorites.

If you're interested in bidding (have your credit card ready, because the Michigan meteorite may fetch more than $10K), you can see the full series HERE.

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