Petitions are now available for two Flint City Council seats. According to MLive, the nominating petitions are for the 3rd and 6th Ward council seats. The seats were temporarily filled in January by Kerry Nelson in Ward 3 and Herbert Winfrey in Ward 6. Both were appointed by the Flint City Council after former council members Sheldon Neeley and Bryant Nolden were elected to other offices last November.

In order to get the chance to finish out the terms, Nelson and Winfrey, along with any other potential candidates, will have to collect at least 100 signatures from registered city voters and turn them in to the City Clerk's office by 4 p.m. on April 28th. The top two finishers in each ward for the August 4th primary will move on to the November 3rd general election for a chance to serve the remaining two years of those terms.