Several locals are reporting evidence of coyotes in and around the Genesee Township/Davison/Burton area.

According to many in a community Facebook group, a pack of coyotes has been spotted multiple times recently in Genesee Township.

The initial warning came from a local who had spotted them on a trail cam somewhere in the neighborhoods behind IMA Brookwood Golf Course off of Belsay Road, which is right near where Burton, Genesee Township, and Davison meet.

That warning was met with several other accounts of people in the area who had seen tracks in their yard, heard their howls, and those who had spotted three coyotes crossing the road. Some reports even placed coyotes as far as Vassar and Irish roads, which could mean multiple packs.

Now, it may not come as shocking news that there are coyotes in the area, this is Michigan, after all. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, coyotes are spotted most frequently during their breeding season, which is between January and March. They are attracted to garbage, and will prey on smaller pets if they are left unattended, especially at night. The DNR offers the following precautionary tips for dealing with coyotes:

  • Never approach or touch a coyote
  • Never intentionally feed a coyote
  • Eliminate all outside food sources, especially pet foods
  • Put garbage out the morning of pickup day
  • Clear out wood and brush piles; they are good habitat for rats and mice and may attract coyotes
  • Good husbandry practices, guard animals, and coyote control measures can help to protect livestock
  • Do not allow pets to roam free when coyotes are present - consider keeping pets indoors or accompany them outside, especially at night

Coyotes rarely attack humans, but you should keep an eye on your little ones just to be safe. For more information on coyotes, please refer to the Michigan DNR website by clicking here.


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