Flint’s financial prospects are looking up, thanks to the interest of an anonymous, reclusive billionaire from Las Vegas who goes by, “Mr. O.”

I first learned of the good news when Art Wenzlaff showed up with an idea he said would help the station make money.  As I explained, we are indeed a “for profit” enterprise, unlike NPR, thus always open to ideas that will generate some of the green stuff.

The details Art shared with me were amazing.  At my request, he sent me information regarding what “Mr. O” would do for Flint:

For the purpose of this communication I am representing a wealthy recluse gentleman who does not reside in Flint.  Shortly, he will schedule a Press Conference in Flint to announce his involvement in projects intended to create for Flint considerable funding and resources.  He trusts with proper leadership and citizen involvement, Flint can return to its glory days…

Here is the meat of the information

In my conversations with Mr. O, I heard him say the following: 


  • Mr. O does not seek to receive any money or personal recognition;
  • Mr. O will cause, though the volunteers of Flint, considerable funds to be raised to fund projects and ideas;
  • Mr. O intends to produce a Reality Show which will highlight Flint;
  • Mr. O desires to keep his efforts with the people, and not though politicians, therefore, no funding will be deposited with any municipality or group;
  • Mr. O will schedule a Press Converence VERY SOON, to introduce his intentions and outline the process;
  • Mr. O may not personally visit Flint, but will speak via telephone and/or via video to introduce his ideas. He will likely included 13 Standards (see video below) which he trusts will assist Flint;
  • Mr. O has intentions of hosting two (2) Press Conferences. The first one is for media and a few other key individuals.  The second Press Conference will include the public in a larger setting.
  • Mr. O desires to either be an anonymous guest on a radio/TV program (perhaps a weekly opportunity), or, he may favor to host or co-host his own show. Mr. O’s involvement with the media will be designed so that the media will financially benefit equal to, or greater than normal.

Note:  I certainly understand the situation is unusual, verging on the bizarre.  Skepticism abounds, as it did with me at first blush.  However, the more I speak with Mr. O, the more I am confident he will do what he says, and likely even more…


It ends with this disclaimer:

I trust I interpreted accurately what I believe I heard from Mr. O.  However, ideas move quickly with Mr. O, and it is possible what I listed as potential activities may change.  Nevertheless, his commitment to aiding Flint, in whatever capacity, will not change.


Now, Art was introduced to “Mr. O” by Debra Bonner, who met him personally, after signing a $5 million dollar promise not to disclose his identity.  I interviewed Debra, who grew up in Flint but has been away for over 40 years.  She is actually the engine driving the whole project.  Her desire to help Flint emerged seven years ago, when she returned for a funeral, and was dismayed at the condition of the city.  She resolved to transform Flint.  She studied, and talked to people, but her vision really took off when she visited Las Vegas for a procedure, and a friend introduced her to "Mr. O" just a couple of weeks ago. He seemed to be the answer to her prayers.

Having secured "Mr. O's" pledge to help, Debra reached out to Art Wenzlaff, who she met a few years ago. Debra was impressed with Art's own dedication to Flint, and introduced him by phone to "Mr. O."

And then Art came to see me.

Art called Mr. O from his own cell phone, so I could talk to him myself, since I had many questions.  I noticed the name came up as "Ronald Campbell" so I said, "Hi Mr. Campbell.  Mr. O explained this was an associate who passed away 15 years ago.  Mr. O kept the line to help maintain his anonymity.  I suggested an interview would be a great idea.  We spoke Tuesday morning on Flint’s News Talk 1470 WFNT.

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