It's an honor that is usually reserved for musicians and know, pop icons.

This month "Rolling Stone" magazine has decided to feature Boston bombing suspect Jahar Tsarnaev on its' coveted cover.

Public opinion has not been positive!

Rolling stone
Rolling stone

In her cover story, "Jahar's World",  the author Janet Reitman chronicles the story of how a likable kid with a good future became a murdering monster.

The new issue of the magazine hits newsstands Friday, and promises "five revelations" regarding Jahar Tsarnaev.

Even though the edition isn't formally on sale yet, reader's comments have been scathing.

Truth is writes "Rolling Stone, you are NOT ROCKING!"

Peter comments "Absolutely disgusting to give a violent murdering terrorist the same credence as John Lennon or any other genius "stars" to grace your cover."

Haileybrattle shares "Disgusted at equating this monster with what is basically a rock star. Thanks for turning him into a celebrity."

More scathing comments can be found on the magazine's Facebook page.

What do you think of the cover? Is this a good way to immortalize an alleged terrorist?

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