After Clint Eastwood‘s bizarre appearance at the Republican National Convention last week, it’s safe to say the election season has gotten weird. Are the Democrats courting similar spectacle by inviting famed movie stoners Harold and Kumar to their big show this week?

Whether they are or not, Barack Obama wants everybody to know it was his decision to invite the duo. In fact, the President even released a video that shows him calling the slackers and requesting that they join him in Charlotte.

While they accept the invitation, the pair are clearly more interested in their pizza and cartoons. It’s a good bet that Prez is probably going to have to call them again to make sure they make it on time.

In real life, Kal Penn, who plays Kumar, has been alternating between working in the White House and shooting movies since Obama was elected. Penn will be hosting the Thursday night convention coverage on

Will Penn bring any of his Hollywood friends along? We’re hoping for Neil Patrick Harris. On a unicorn. Pointing angrily at an empty chair.

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