I-475 in Genesee County might as well be known as the highway that time forgot, but that all may be changing soon.

The State Department of Transportation is looking for ways to improve the crumbling highway.  They hosted an open house this week to put the proposed changes in front of residents.

The biggest change would be actually shrinking the road from three lanes down to two lanes between Clio and Carpenter Roads.  Traffic on 475 has definitely decreased as Flint's population has steadily been shrinking.

Below are a list of the other proposed changes according to WNEM.

  • Removing two pedestrian bridges between Clio and Carpenter Roads
  • Removing the Loop Ramps at Saginaw Rd, and replacing them with Diamond Interchanges

If the proposals were all agreed upon, work could start in the Spring of 2018.

Do you think it's time to update I-475?

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