Residents heard another boom the night before last, so what the heck are they?

This happens to us all the time - we hear a loud "boom" sound, and then wonder if anybody else heard it? Most of the time, others DID hear it, and they're posting about it on social media.

Thank goodness for the internet, because we did a little bit of digging. Did you know that the Flint police have a bomb range at an undisclosed location? Yeah, neither did we.

Police confirmed, back in 2013, that the city has a "controlled range" on a piece of property that the city owns, "far removed" from homes in the area.

There isn't a set schedule as to when they detonate, so that could be why residents hear unexplained explosions at random times. Others have speculated that the noises are from fracking.

What do YOU think they are?

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