It's all because "Darrell the Barrel" got to go sightseeing in Muskegon.

When a construction cone from Milwaukee washed up on the shores of West Michigan, the city of Muskegon decided to give it a proper tour...and they posted the pics on social media.

So, to return the favor, the city of Milwaukee will taking "Ramon the Cone" on its own sightseeing tour.

As a Milwaukee native, here's where I'd like to see Ramon go:

1. The Milwaukee County Zoo. Make sure you ride the train!
2. Lakefront Brewery. Go for the beer, stay for the fish fry and get a picture where the bottling scene was filmed for Laverne and Shirley.
3. The Milwaukee Art Museum. One of the most gorgeous, lakeside museums you'll ever go to.
4. Harley Davidson Museum. It's Wisconsin's version of Henry Ford.
5. The Safehouse. It's a speakeasy and you need a password to get in. It's not even marked from the outside; you enter from a bookcase.

Enjoy your trip, Ramon! Can't wait to see pics!

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