Michigan has been a state since 1837. Making our state the 26th to enter the union.

With that being said, this state has been around for a while now and has undergone some changes. Michigan has also had four state constitutions since joining the union as well, just a little side history fact for you.

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Among those, are some name changes to these now extinct Michigan Counties.

Go back in time on a tongue-twisting ride with us, as we take a look at these Michigan counties, which no longer exist.

Here's A List Of Michigan Counties That No Longer Exist

Whether it was a simple name change, or something as big as a merger. Here is a list of Michigan Counties, that no longer exist.

You can see, that a majority of the original county names originate from some of the Native American's in the area, or even that of some French explorers.

Let's not forget, that at one point, we even had counties all the way over in Wisconsin. Back in the early 1800s, Michigan inhabited space as far West as Iowa, which yes, there was a Michigan County out in Iowa at some point too.

While, only a few counties actually, truly no longer exist in Michigan, the others either just underwent a simple name change or absorption from another local county. The ones that are truly extinct, now live on in other states. A few, even keeping their county names they had in Michigan territory.

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