Flint Central High School closed in June of 2009, after more than 80 years of serving Flint students. MLive is reporting that there was a fire in the former woodshop on Friday, and then Sunday almost two dozen firefighters responded to another fire at the former school. No one was injured in either fire, but now Flint Police are doing random checks of the building and the area around it.

There have been rumors that the Flint Central location may be home to a new middle or high school for Flint students. We all recently got a sneak peak of the damage inside the building since it closed in 2009, with photos circulating around the internet.

I took my ACT's at Flint Central in 2004 and I remember thinking how cool of a school it was at the time, the history in that building was something you didn't see in a lot of schools in the area.

Flint Central

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