If she could talk, this calico cat named Willow would have some stories to tell.

Five years ago, the feline left the Squire home in Broomfield, Colorado when a contractor neglected to close a door. After there were no responses to the “lost cat” posters the Squires put up around the neighborhood, the family figured their pet had been eaten by the coyotes that are prevalent in the area.

Then, yesterday, the Squires got a very surprising phone call. Calico, who was mircochipped as a kitten, had been brought to an animal rescue shelter in New York City after a man spotted her wandering a Manhattan street.

While the Squires are thrilled that they will soon be reunited with their long-lost pet, they’re a bit worried that Willow’s travels have hardened her.

“I don’t know what kind of life she’s had, so I don’t know what her personality will be like,” Jamie Squire explained, “She was a really cool cat, really sweet.”

[via Yahoo]

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